Italian Paradise: Sardinia

This week was different. This week was paradise. ‘You are going to Sardinia? Its full of tourists!’. As this is not my thing I was desperately looking for a place far away from those tourism spots. There are a lot of nice agriturismos (=farms in the suburb) but we did not want to stay somewhere in the nowhere – which is beautiful too – we wanted to stay RIGHT at the beach. And so we did.

Relaxing at the turquoise beaches or on our own balcony, enjoying the best food, picking up fig trees in the garden, discovering the area with new couchsurf-friends, and drinking red wine with our host mum Anne. Yes, we found our personal paradise – Annes paradise.

sardinia1 sardinia2 sardinia3 sardinia4 sardinia5 sardinia6 sardinia7 sardinia8 sardinia9 sardinia10 sardinia11under construction


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