Vacation Round The Corner: Feldberg Lake District

One Weekend At The Feldberg Lake District With My Mum

Me and my family have spent several holidays at our friends place in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in our childhood. As I have not been at the beautiful Feldberg Lake District since then, I refreshed my memories together with my mum.

The area has completely blown us away and we really want to come back for a longer vacation with the whole family. Cycling and boat tours with the blue-eyed Frank, chilling at the various lakes, enjoying delicious and extraordinary food, discovering beautiful churches (unfortunately they were usually closed) and buying fresh flowers, potatoes, and jam from sidewalk sales (with an honesty box) were just a few highlights of the weekend.

We were accommodated at the Hotel Alte Schule in Fürstenhagen, which used to be a school back in the days. The house is – mainly due to the owner, the starred chef Daniel Schmidthaler – quite well known. Although we got a great picnic basket for our day trip and had phenomenally delicious dinner, the staffs hospitality could not fully convince us.

But that’s not what we want to focus on – we had an incredible time at the Feldberg Lake District.

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